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Using Social Security Number Lookup Services For Online Verification

Anybody who gets a job in the United States must have a legitimate Social Security number. Employers have to verify that the name and Social Security quantity of each potential employee is valid before getting them. Fortunately, this technique is pretty straightforward and may be completed online.

The SSA’s Social Security number lookup services help it become easy and fast for employers to confirm the data. Furthermore, the procedure is free, meaning that employers don’t be forced to pay anything from their own pocket to make sure that the details.

The first step is always to register with the Social Security Number Verification Service. After signing up, employers are assigned a account information. When this occurs, they are able to sign in and request accessibility system. Then they get an activation code that really must be entered into the system before access is granted.

Once they have logged in, you will find a few different choices available. The initial option allows users to get in up to 10 unique Social Security numbers into the system for immediate verification. This alternative is convenient for firms that are dealing with a relatively small number of employees.

For companies that work with a larger number of employees as well, it comes with an easier method to complete the process. They are able to upload data containing as many as 250,000 names and Social Security numbers with regard to their employees. This file is processed overnight as well as the effects are usually received the next day. This process can be used for verifying current employees or perhaps for firms that hire large sets of people simultaneously.

The SSA’s Social Security number lookup services give employers a fairly easy, accurate method to verify Social Security numbers online. The registration form and login screen may be accessed from the website of your Social Security Administration.


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